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Water, rock, earth and wood. The unique way in which they mix and join in the kitchen, between memory, emotion, travel.
The beauty they produce when they touch each other, the energy they generate when they collide. The wonder.
Every day we try to put it on the plate, but it is already all around us.
For us, Le Terre is this: taste, amazement and a prelude to something that is yet to come.

Business Lunch Signature Menu

Business Lunch Signature Menu

The proposal signed Enzo Pettè for a business lunch of character awaits you from 25 March




The Location

Your journey through places and memories, at a time of contemporary flavors, will begin as soon as you enter Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant. The elegance of a gesture in the dining room, the essentiality of handmade pottery, the simplicity and elegance of the metropolitan environment will be a unique setting where you can discover classic and innovative dishes.
Dress code: smart elegant, kindly avoid short pants and flip-flops.


Head of the Life Source Food Experience Brigade is Chef Enzo Pettè.
Italian with international experience, Pettè is already awarded with a Michelin star. An innovator rooted in tradition: each dish respects the integrity of the raw material and at the same time seeks new combinations.
First chef and owner of Ristorante da Ciacco Fortezza Medicea in Florence, then chef at the Hotel Helvetia&bristol, arrives at the Restaurant Macelleria Motta in Milan in 2013. He spent the last few years as Executive of the restaurant inside the “Rosa Grand” in Milan.